Fast Facts

Opened: 2007
Years of Service: 10+
Experience: 25+ years
Goals: Individualized care & giving you back an active lifestyle


First Physical Therapy Visit

What to Expect
On your first visit, you will be welcomed at the front desk and asked to fill out a few forms unless you have already downloaded the forms from our website. Once all the clerical information is completed, your physical therapist will invite you to go to the treatment area. The physical therapist will then do a complete history for the injury in which you are seeking treatment. After the history is taken, the therapist will perform some tests to determine the extent of the injury which will also help him to decide on a treatment program. Usually, some type of treatment program will be started to help get you on your way to healing. The evaluation and treatment will be about one hour.

Physical Therapy Philosophy
Now, many people are somewhat apprehensive about starting PT because they have heard stories about how much pain someone went through in physical therapy. Our philosophy is NEVER one of “no pain, no gain”. We actually think the opposite is true, meaning if there is anything that is painful with any part of the evaluation or treatment, it is discontinued or modified. We only want to do treatments that will help restore the injured tissue back to health so that you are back to enjoying life as soon as possible.