Fast Facts

Opened: 2007
Years of Service: 10+
Experience: 25+ years
Goals: Individualized care & giving you back an active lifestyle


Dr. Anthony M.
Medical Director

I have worked with Bill for the last 3 years. He is an excellent Physical Therapist. His therapeutic outcomes are among the best I have ever seen.
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Coarsegold Physical Therapy

How Can We Help?
At Coarsegold Physical Therapy we are dedicated to helping our neighbors here in Coarsegold and the surrounding mountain communities. Our goal is for you to live an active and fulfilling life. We understand the amount of trust that you must put in our hands for us to work together with you to restore your health, and we can give you the assurance you need. We each have over twenty years of PT experience helping people like you. Many of our patients, delighted with their experience, have referred their friends to us, for which we are extremely grateful. Our commitment to caring for and helping people is what will make your experience at Coarsegold PT unique. We look forward to helping you get better soon!
-Bill & Jenny Lapham
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"We each have over twenty years of experience helping people like you"